We Love Music and We know you do too. That's why we came up with Rock Paper Pencils. Long gone are the days of the Boring Yellow No.2 Pencil and the Plain old Spiral Notebook. Why not be able to Express Yourself with the Music you Dig and Represent the Bands & Brands that you love. We make stationery that Rocks !!

Retailers, if you would like to develop an exclusive line of products from either licensed properties or private label please contact us. We have Years of experience with developing programs for large retailers & we have many connections with bands, brands, movie studios & cartoon licenses.

Merchandisers, if you want to see your brand on our stuff please contact us and we will get you our private label catalog. We have done plenty of private label programs for retailers, brands, bands and artists.

Licensors, Rock Paper Pencils is an Official LICENSEE for all the Bands, and Brands you see on our website & many more. If you are seeking a Licensee in the stationery category then please contact us and we can look at the properties you have to offer.